Installation & Warranty Instructions

For best results and effectiveness, please insure that the following conditions are applied before installation, in order to achieve the proper functioning of the engine and the inception of the warranty against defectiveness of the products for 12 months:
- Always, you should be sure for the clearness of fuel circuit against dirt, bad fuel, water and rasping.
- Each injector you have includes a protocol inside. Before installing the injector, please make sure that you have read the protocol witch in many cases consist a new coding.
- For vehicles with DPF it is important to be clean and in good condition, according to the manufacturer instructions. A blocked DPF can damage your products.
- Please follow the manufacturer instruction for installation your product, the special tools and the instructions required.

Warranty Exclusions
The warranty will not be applied in the following cases:
- Wrong installation of the product (new or regenerated).
- The installation must always be managed by a qualified and expert technician.
- Unauthorized tampering or opening of the component
- Malfunction generated by external causes (water, contaminated oil, uncleaned system, bad maintenance of the injection circuit, use of inappropriate oil etc.)
- Failure to comply with the installation procedures illustrated in this booklet at the time of purchase of your product.
- Expiry of the warranty period of the purchased product.

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