In much the same way as OE production, remanufacturing takes place in a large factory optimized for and adapted to the remanufacturing process. A quality assurance programme ensures that the right quality levels are met as the units pass through the various remanufacturing processes.

1. Disassembly
Defective units undergo a complete disassembly process and parts that cannot be reconditioned are disposed of.

2. Cleaning
Following the disassembly of the units into individual parts, they are given a thorough cleaning using hot water , ultrasonic and sand blasting.

3. Inspection & sorting
Cleaned parts are subject to an intensive inspection to determine if they are in a re-useable condition. This is done both visually and with test equipment measuring.

4. Reconditioning & replacement
At this stage re-useable parts are reconditioned. Parts that in the previous stages have been disposed of are replaced with new quality parts.

5. Reassembly
The remanufactured units are reassembled, much the same manner as in the OE production.

6. Final testing
Each remanufactured unit undergoes a 100% performance test. This test gives the unit a final test certificate which is unique to the unit.

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