Franchising program

Are you interested in starting your own business?

Do you already have a similar activity but you are unable to progress because you’re mono product/brand oriented?

You’d like to be in the remanufacturing business but you don’t know how to?

Are you in this field and do you want to transform your activity from craftsman into industry?

Then contact us at and discover our franchising products in detail. Find the one that best suits your need.

With us you cover a wide range of products: injectors, pumps, turbochargers, DPF filters for passenger cars, commercial vehicle, trucks, agricultural and heavy duty, stationary and naval engines. Petrol and diesel fuel.
We offer 4 different franchise products:
1. MDS Shop – a shop for the sale of our remanufactured products.
2. MDS Point – a workshop for testing injectors, pumps and turbochargers and sale our remanufactured products.
3. MDS Service – a production unit for testing and remanufacture injectors, pumps and turbochargers as well sale our remanufactured products, equipments, tools and academy.
4. MDS Service HD – an extended version of the MDS Service for trucks, agricultural and heavy duty machine, stationary and naval engines.

Some benefits as an MDS Franchisee

  • Full training program for testing and repairing Common Rail diesel pumps and injectors
  • Reception of the MDS Remanufacture corporate identity and related operations
  • Full Access to all MDS Remanufacture spare parts catalog
  • Full technical support
  • Gain exclusive right to remanufacture Common Rail pumps, injectors and turbochargers. Distribute them among our international sales network
  • Being part of the program you ‘ll get immediately a new revenue stream for your company

From the location search to the first day of work

From the choice of the location to the opening, you will be guided and supported by us step by step, assuring that your business meets all the requirements of our franchising manual.


We will provide you with all the necessary tools to evaluate the ideal location to open your business, which means constant growth in turnover.

Human resources

We will support you in defining and choosing the right personnel for the development of your business.


We will provide you with the layout that best suits your business. We will install all the equipment and create the optimal workflow.

Franchising Manual

You will access our operating manual, which will guide you to reach the maximum efficiency:from the shop layout to the equipment selection.

Our team on site

We will provide support to all our franchisee before and after the start-up with a dedicated team, made up of experts with relevant experience in professional training, remanufacturing, technical assistance, marketing, sales, after sales and business management.

Key features

MDS Service HD
  • Test heavy duty injectors & pumps
  • Repair heavy duty injectors & pumps
  • Test heavy duty turbochargers
  • Repair heavy duty turbochargers
  • Repair heavy duty DPF filters
  • Sell reman products locally
  • Sell reman products to MDS Remanufacture
MDS Service
  • Test injectors & pumps
  • Repair injectors & pumps
  • Test turbochargers
  • Repair turbochargers
  • Repair DPF filters
  • Sell reman products locally
  • Sell reman products to MDS Remanufacture
MDS Point
  • Test injectors & pumps
  • Sell reman products locally
MDS Shop
  • Sell reman products locally