MDS Service

MDS Service represents our franchising business model, which follows the MDS Remanufacture strategy competence, quality and service, typical of a premium brand. Thanks to the MDS Remanufacture training and technical assistance program, the franchisee will be equipped with all the necessary know-how to provide customers with a high-quality, all-round service.

Every MDS Service will carry out daily checks, repairs and tests of the widest range of Common rail pumps, injectors and turbochargers on the market, exceeding highest quality standards through the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment and the use of original MDS Remanufacture and Turborail spare parts.

360° Solution

Joining the MDS Remanufacture franchising program allows access to exclusive and fundamental services for a rapid growth of your business:

  • FOM Franchising Operation Manual
  • Dedicated price list
  • New items pre-order
  • Access to the MDS Remanufacture spare parts catalogue
  • MDS & Turborail Academy
  • Carbon Zapp testbenches
  • On-site and online assistance
MDS Service

Addressed to

  • Diesel Services

Course Level

  • Advanced

Open an MDS Service

Click the button and fill in the form to show your interest for the MDS Service concept and soon our sales representative will contact you for details.

Key Characteristics

  • Direct and personal service at a local level
  • Full training and necessary equipment
  • Full access to all MDS Remanufacture spare parts catalogue
  • Full technical support
  • Gain exclusive right to sell common rail pumps, injectors and turbochargers
  • Access to seminars & webinars
  • Testing using certified MDS Remanufacture approved testbenches

You can find inside the MDS Service

  • Remanufactured injectors
  • Remanufactured pumps
  • Remanufactured turbos
  • Full technical support
  • Remanufactured DPF filters
  • Remanufactured spare parts for injectors/pumps
  • New spare parts for injector/pumps