MDS Shop

After years of experience, MDS Remanufacture made the strategic decision to develop a franchise network across Europe, so that our partners can benefit from the premium brand of MDS Remanufacture on a global level.

We provide our network of partners all the tools needed to excel in the competitive diesel remanufacturing industry. We pass on our knowledge as we give full training and education to our partners.

MDS Remanufacture started developing MDS Shops, with aim to establish a worldwide network of franchise locations.

All qualified MDS Shops stock and sale products with the most recent coding in the market such as Common Rail pumps, injectors, turbochargers and other spare parts, as well as all the qualifications and guaranties of MDS Remanufacture.

MDS Shop

Addressed to

  • Car Dealers
  • Anyone who would like to represent MDS Remanufacture products

Course Level

  • Basic

Open an MDS Shop

Click the button and fill in the form to show your interest for the MDS Shop concept and soon our sales representative will contact you for details.

Key Characteristics

  • Direct and personal service at a local level
  • Full technical support
  • Gain exclusive right to sell common rail pumps, injectors and turbochargers
  • Access to seminars & webinars

You can find inside the MDS Point

  • Remanufactured injectors
  • Remanufactured pumps
  • Remanufactured turbos
  • Full technical support