Research & Development

Innovation concerns a process or product that guarantees greater results or benefits.

For MDS Remanufacture, the R&D department ensures the development of processes, machineries, tools and products step by step.

Thanks to this department, the company is able to constantly expand its knowledge and develop very advanced solutions as well training courses on the latest technologies.

With an important database, constantly powered since more than 15 years, we are able to rework, draw, understand and engineer every single piece of our products. Both for light vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles and for stationary or naval engines.

The database update with new products, new parts and new technologies has become the main focus of the department in the last years due to the heavy changes that came in the industry.

New and old cores of products are collected at the facilities so that can be studied from MDS Remanufacture engineers. Old cores study give us the advantage of understanding the need of the market for spare parts and avoid their unnecessary use. New cores help us to understand the geometry of the product and the engineering that hides beneath it. Finally, the department is constantly updating all the methods of each remanufacture process. With more advanced tools and precision guidance of calibrating the products, they reach the standards of MDS Remanufacture quality.

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